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Sadly, from time to time, a Catalan Sheepdog may need to be found a new home. When a dog becomes available we will publish an image a description and will be honest about the reason for the rehoming need. To help ensure a good owner and dog match it is our policy to vet the new home and owner for suitability.

You are welcome to contact us for more information. Thank you.

Rescue News:

We have one Catalan Sheepdog which requires a new home, Bella a 4 Year old female.

Introducing - Bella

4 Year old, Spayed.

Details wise this is all we have at the moment: 4 year old spayed female looking for a home. She must be an only dog and in an environment without small children. Please contact rescue for details.

Rescue: Catalan Sheepdog club of GB awaiting image

The carers words.

Awaiting Information

If you would like more information please call Angie on
01673 818624 or 07762416812.
Thank you.

Introducing Bella.

4 year old spayed female

Bella is still with the owner,who can be contacted on 01239 613752

Rescue: Catalan Sheepdog Tara

About Bella 4 Year old old female looking for a new forever home. We find our self in the situation of having to re home our Catalan sheepdog Bella she has fallen out seriously with our polish lowland sheepdog. she doesn't take kindly to other dogs and is wary of strangers though enjoys the company of those she knows. She has limited experience of children and we keep her away from the toddlers, but is ok with the older ones. We do not have grandchildren nearby and tend to keep our dogs out of the mix when children are here. Ideal home will be someone who is knowledgeable about dogs and able to read them. She is very "guardy" No children. No other pets as she is very jealous. Ideally a person who lives on their own or if a couple they BOTH need to be knowlegeable as she will choose her favourite person and try to keep the other one away. She is fun to be with enjoys playing, loves frisbees and is happier with company, which is more restricted since the fall out She is 4yrs old fit healthy and was spayed last month.. She is house trained lead trained. Also cage trained. Donation appreciatedto be paid directly to Angie Fieldsend for Catalan Sheepdog Rescue. Diet Please contact the owner for dietry information .

You can download a PDF with Bellas assessment.


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